Ge Gan-ru’s “Fairy Lady”
with the Shanghai Philharmonic in 2013
The “weeping” of Meng Jiang
with expressive musical slides played
only with the flute head-joint
Ge Gan-ru, Patricia Spencer, Zhang Liang
Composer Ge Gan-ru, Patricia Spencer, and conductor Zhang Liang accepting applause after the Chinese premiere of Ge Gan-ru’s “Fairy Lady Meng Jiang”.
Spencer with composer Thea Musgrave
photo by Peter Schaaf
With composer George Perle
at a CMA conference
“Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem”
Stockhausen’s “Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem”
with set by William Fares
US premiere of Stockhausen’s
“Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem”
Miller Theatre, NYC
In “Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem”
for the US premiere at Miller Theatre, NYC
directed by John Morrow
With DaCapo Chamber Players
Patricia Spencer, Lisa Moore, composer Elliott Carter, and André Emelianoff, prior to their performance of Carter’s “Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harpsichord”
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